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Love in a Box, Baby Love in a Bag & Back Packs for the Future

Love in a Box

Love in a Box

Send a shoe box full of LOVE and goodies to a child in Africa. Take a shoe box or similar sized box and, with a personal touch, fill it with items like pens pencils, exercise books, and more.

Back Packs for the future

Give an older student a great start by buying a back pack and filling it with basic school items to give them a great start for the school year.

Baby Love in a Bag

Support a new Mum by supplying a bag full of LOVE and basic needs for a newly arrived baby.

How the program works

You can send individual boxes, bags or backpacks or have your school group, kindergarten, church group or club take it on as a group initiative!

These programs connect children around the world ------ with LOVE!

For further information on how to get started, what to include and where to send the boxes, back packs and bags of LOVE write to