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Container Project

Love in a Box

Since November 2003 we have packed and shipped 13 containers to Zimbabwe and we have moved over 400 cubic metres of donated goods to the community where we support the needs of the school, village and hospital. All of our donors send us goods that have been requested by the community as part of their self sustainment program and we pack them and ship them to Zimbabwe using the generosity of our sponsors and every container has reached its destination intact and made a difference.

How the program works

We have a list of items that we are looking for and these include medicines, medical equipment, sewing machines and material, educational material, agricultural tools and much more that we can tell you about if you would like to help in the program. We are always looking for volunteers to help with collecting goods and packing them in the container in Sydney and we will be sending details on packing dates and locations when we have them. If you are located in other capital city in Australia and you think you could find a depot, collect material and send a container to Zimbabwe we will tell you how to organise this.

How else can you help

We continue to look for donors that can provide us with transport and storage services and we are also looking for donors that can help us with the transport costs in Africa.

Help us to continue this successful program

Our aim is to pack and send two containers per year so if you can help us then click here