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Child Sponsorship

Love in a Box

For $450 per year (or $40 a month) you can ensure that the educational needs of the LCV children are met. Educational sponsorship includes all school requirements such as fees, excursions, uniforms and text books. AFADU reports each year on your child and will provide and annual report as well as a letter/photo from your child.

Community Education Fund

We are committed to supporting students to acquire knowledge and life skills through school, vocational training or univeristy studies. Our Community Education Fund (CEF) works to improve the literacy, health and economic well being of children through education. This fund targets children who are living in the community but need financial assistance to access educational opportunities.

Animal Bank

Animal Bank is a program that provides animals such as chickens, goats, pigs, cows and donkeys for disadvantaged and orphaned children in Zimbabwe. With these animal projects children learn basic techniques and responsibilities for farming and free enterprise.  
These animals not only supplement  dietary needs eg eggs, poultry, meat. The Animal Bank also provides the children with basic animal husbandry skills and care skills.

All animals are owned by the children of Lirhanzo Children's Village (LCV) and the village community.

Animal Bank program is also supported through the Child Sponsorship Program funds . A small percentage of the funds when donating to sponsor a child are allocated to this program.
Donate $40 to puchase a goat
Donate $100 to provide chickens for the children of LCV
Donate $500 to purchase a COW.
Donate $400  to buy a donkey as part of a 4x4 Donkey Cart  used as transport for children.

Email for more information or to sponsor.