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Fencing Project

Fencing project A mesh wire fence surrounding 2.5 hectares of crops providing food security for villagers and their children in the Mwenezi District of Zimbabwe.

Project Story & Beneficiaries

Buying food in the southern region of Zimbabwe continues to be a challenge as food shortages are rife throughout the country.

Fencing project

At the Lirhanzo Children’s Village and surrounding village community the maize and wheat crops grown from the irrigated water project have substantially helped the local villages and the LCV children.

Together with the support of a Government farming adviser, farming techniques have dramatically improved yielding increased crop harvests. The fence provides crop security. This has an immense impact economically and personally on the district community, 20 local village families and their children providing support, encouragement and a future.

Funding Information

This project has been funded by the Archer Family Trust who also organize an ongoing supply of the immune boosting Olive Leaf Extract to our children at LCV.