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Lirhanzo Children's Village School

Lirhanzo Children's Village School

LCV projectSince 2010 the Village has had its own primary school which is registered under the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education and four of its teachers are paid by the Zimbabwean Government. AFADU supports the school by providing funds to cover some teacher training and is looking for donations to help the community build a new school building to replace the crowded facility now in use.

LCV Graduation 2010 The school will have room for 120 children and will teach Lirhanzo orphans, local village children from surrounding communities up to grade 7 and will be a private school, teaching the ACE system.

Project Needs and Beneficiaries

In The Class RoomThe quality educational programs presently being provided have already impacted on the children attending. They no longer have to travel long distances daily to the local town or have the added expense of boarding fees in Chikombedzi away from their homes.

The parents of the children are happy because the children are developing a love of learning and the entire community is benefitting as each child experiences the value system of the new education system in place. Once building is underway the local community men will also benefit as they will be required to help build the facility which will bring more money into the community.

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Funding Information

Total Funding Goal: $40,000
For more information on how to be involved by way of donations of goods or money click here

AFADU also supports many other local schools by providing basic items such as exercise books and pens and pencils. We encourage schools in Australia to become involved by donating items such as these.