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School of Nursing and Student Accommodation

LCV project

To ensure a high standard of nursing care and a ready supply of nurses to the remote Chikombedzi Mission Hospital the hospital board decided to reopen the School of Nursing which had been closed for many years.
With the help of our generous supporters and fund raising efforts, AFADU and individual sponsors have helped to refurbish a building, consisting of offices, a library, a lecture room and a room for practical training that will now be used as a School of Nursing. Student nurses will come from far and wide and will need suitable accommodation for the duration of their training. The next step is to refurbish an older building for use as a dormitory which will comfortably house them while they are studying.

You can help us to build a dormitory for nurses in training at Chikombedzi Mission Hospital, Zimbabwe which in turn will create further job opportunities for young school leavers in the community.

Funding Information

Funding to complete the project $12,000 Individuals, University Health Science Faculties or Hospitals can become involved by donating money, library books or teaching aids for the School of Nursing.

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