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Lirhanzo Children's Village (LCV),
Chikombedzi, Zimbabwe

Lirhanzo Children's Village is a purpose built home for orphaned children situated in remote south east Zimbabwe. Its closest town is Chikombedzi, half an hour away. LCV is run with love and care by a group of local Zimbabweans who care for approximately 50 children between the ages of 0 and 21. Shelter, clothing, food, schooling and further education and training are provided for the children and LCV thrives with the support of AFADU, our children's sponsors and our volunteers.

Lirhanzo Children's Village School

Since 2010 the Village has had its own primary school which is registered under the Zimbabwean Ministry of Education and four of its teachers are paid by the Zimbabwean Government. AFADU supports the school by providing funds to cover some teacher training and is looking for donations to help the community build a new school building to replace the crowded facility now in use.

The school will have room for 120 children and will teach Lirhanzo orphans, local village children from surrounding communities up to grade 7 and will be a private school, teaching the ACE system.

The greater community, Chikombedzi.

Chikombedzi is the local area where LCV is situated. The support AFADU provides LCV has a natural flow on into the community by way of agricultural projects. Generally, each AFADU field trip incorporates basic involvement of the community in projects like soap making. It is very important for AFADU that the community opinions are provided to always ensure community support and involvement.

The local schools in Chikombedzi.

AFADU supports all the children of LCV in their schooling by way of child sponsors who cover school fees, uniforms, books & supplies. Our generous supporters also make it possible to support the schools with books and other general, computers & school equipment. ON AFADU field trips, our volunteers work with the teachers with whatever is relevant at the time... Jenny, our resident teacher on our field trips once taught the teachers how to play the recorder!

The local hospital, Chikombedzi

The Mission Hospital in Chikombedzi provides care and medical services for locals near and far. Pam Harrison, a long standing supporter of AFADU who lives on Hamilton Island, has made it her business to provide the hospital with additional and much needed supplies year on year. She sources support from local Australian companies and ensures our bi-annual container shipment of goods to LCV contains a good portion for the hospital. The hospital also has a "wing" (huts on the premises) where expectant mothers wait out the last few weeks of their pregnancy so when the time comes they are near by. Some walk for days in the last months of their pregnancy!