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Passionate Individuals


AFADU’s volunteers range from Board Members, to container packers and event coordinators just to say the least. We welcome volunteers with their ideas and desires to make the difference that they want to make and are inspired to make. Find out more about how YOU can make a difference

Team Leaders

AFADU's project's and programs are run by team leaders who ensure the programs success and are also responsible for reporting at each board meeting. Our projects and Programs include Child Sponsorship, The Sewing Project, Communications, Love in a Box, Love in a Bag, AFADU Newsletter and more...
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Child Sponsors

Thanks to local Aussies who take on sponsoring an AFADU child each year. With their generosity we ensire that each sponsored child is provided with education, health, food, clothing, excursions for our orphans, wages for carers and an Animal Bank eg goats, cows. We pride ourselves in that 100% of your sponsorship money goes directly to supporting the children and their futures. You can sponsor a child for $450 per year (or $40 per month).

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Each year we have a number of different types of donors contribute goods, services and money to AFADU - from individuals to community groups, school kids to corporations. There are specific needs lists we have for our container and sewing projects to ensure we are providing only what is needed.

Please contact us to see what you can contribute.
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Afadu Members

Our members our committed to the direction of AFADU and have their say in how our projects and programs are run. Their added support to AFADU, our governance and expertise is greatly appreciated. Find out more about becoming a .