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This community development project has proved highly successful in provided employment and sustainable support to the surrounding community.

Sponsored with the generosity and love of Delphine Archer and her family, the Grinding Mill was established late in 2010 and has been fully operational since 2011.

Lirhanzo Grinding Mill BuildingThis income generating project creates a community meeting point to further generate sales of vegetables from the LCV Garden and bread from a planned brick pizza oven. Local farmers no longer need to travel long distances on foot to grind their grains and there has been a reduction in costs for mill charges for the Lirhanzo Children's Village. As a bonus it provides employment for our older orphans.

Grinding Mill set upGrinding mill operators have been employed and trained on the job and are learning the basics of engines and their daily maintenance and care.

Other positive benefits include reduced operating costs for the Lirhanzo Children's Village and as a flow on, for the teaching staff at the school and the families who work at the village they are now able to now grind their maize and wheat for free. It’s only a small incentive but reduces the time spent travelling long distances to other far away mills which in turn saves them money.

Accountability is important to AFADU and LCV. Financial management systems for mill revenue have been introduced with a paper ticketing and receipt process. AFADU receives quarterly reports on the Grinding Mill and its output levels and 496 buckets were ground between July and September 2011. 36 were for LCV home and 18 for LCV staff and teachers. The project is able to cover all wages and running costs and the profit produced goes directly to LCV to support the needs of the children living there. women carrying grain